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16.06.2014 15:28 Age: 5 yrs

Safety Day 2014

Safety at the workplace

On 5 June 2014, Actemium, along with all other companies in the VINCI Energies network worldwide, held its annual VINCI Energies Safety Day.

As in every year, the Group’s 63,000 employees came together at their respective locations to discuss the topic of safety at the workplace. The idea behind the event is to involve every single office and construction site employee in considerations relating to occupational health and safety and motivate them to actively improve safety on a day-to-day basis. 

This year, they were encouraged by the Safety Day facilitators to make a commitment appropriate to their respective work environment and business unit. The commitments made by the employees were collected and will serve as the basis for a new Group-wide occupational safety charter.  A video made especially for the Safety Day with contributions from the CEO of VINCI Energies as well as from each of the division heads provided a basis for discussion and at the same time underscored the priority the Group Executive Board accords to this yearly event. 

The Safety Day is an important component in all concerted efforts and preventive measures across the VINCI Energies network to achieve our “zero accidents” common goal.