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Promotion pool

We promote talented junior staff

As a forward-thinking company we place great importance on promoting talented young people from our own ranks and preparing and qualifying them to assume future management tasks.

For staff who show potential for development and have excelled through outstanding performance and a high degree of commitment, VINCI Energies in Germany has established a so-called promotion pool for the industrial engineering segment.

The promotion pool is a development programme that besides imparting factual knowledge also focuses on personality development and creating a networking platform for the participants.

The concept behind the promotion pool includes elements of personality development as well as the development of methodological and social skills. The participants meet up for several days every three months over a period of one-and-a-half years and receive training from in-house and external experts in such topics as leadership, project management, communication or social responsibility. The different elements are individually tailored to the candidates. In addition to the training content imparted by the coaches, the respective topics are reinforced with the help of exercises, discussions, sharing of experiences and group work.

An integral part of the promotion pool is the direct exchange with the company’s management.  A continuous dialogue ensues between the promotion pool participants and a member of the management with the aim of building a mutual relationship.

The promotion pool aims to inform, promote, motivate and encourage the candidates to rethink their own actions and to incorporate content from the programme into their everyday work.