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Energy efficiency


Less is more – what better way to describe the benefits of energy-efficient technologies?

The scarcity of natural resources, hand in hand with the uncertain availability of resources due to price fluctuations, is driving up the need for energy efficiency measures. Raising energy efficiency in production has become an economic factor in industry today.

We help you to analyse your current situation, identify and implement appropriate energy efficiency measures.

We take an integrated approach in our analysis. We examine methods of energy procurement (electricity, gas, oil, geothermal energy, water etc.), and look at energy fluxes and consumptions.

In determining potential for savings, we draw on tried-and-tested methods, for example visualisations, prognosis and dynamic load distribution.

Our concepts are based on manufacturer neutrality and take account of applicable laws and guidelines, as well as your plant standards. Profitability analyses are as much a matter of course as an optimum cost-performance ratio.

Our permanent presence and cooperation on boards such as Namur, VDI (Association of German Engineers), ZVEI (German electrical and electronic manufacturers’ association) ensures we are abreast of the latest developments, technologies, legal requirements and components.