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Mining & Materials

Individual and manufacturer-independent electrical and I&C solutions for all mining facilities

Environmentally sound and energy-efficient extraction of minerals, their transport and refining make extremely high technological demands on those who install and operate the equipment.


With our I&C and electrical solutions, we design your technology in cooperation with you according to the latest and most efficient industry requirements. In over a hundred years of experience, we have gained expertise in mining coal and extracting ores.

It is equally important to find safe methods for storing nuclear waste that has accumulated over years as well as waste from the future decommissioning of nuclear power plants and chemical waste.


This is currently provided for in underground storage areas whose electrical equipment and its maintenance are essential for safe operation.

Actemium has decades of experience with electrical equipment in surface mines as well as energy supply and automation below ground.


Under the following links you will find our international subsidiaries/business units that are supervised directly from Germany:



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  • Sampling system. Mini Maritsa Iztok EAD

  • Construction of a mobile coal sampling system from a moving flow in the direction of TPP “AES Maritsa Iztok 1”
  • PDF download
  • Stone detection in the conveying process 

  • Innovative solutions for the reconstruction and new installation of conveying equipment for opencast mining 
  • PDF download
  • Walking excavator Esch 6/45 

  • Use of advanced electric drives for the rehabilitation of Esch 6/45 walking excavators 
  • PDF download
  • Stockyard systems and handling facilities 

  • Electrotechnical equipment for handling facilities and power plant coaling systems 
  • PDF download