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Tank inspection

SIU4Tanks = Smart Inspection Unit for Tanks

SIU4Tanks (previously: ROV=Remotely Operated Vehicle) is Actemium’s innovative solution for inspecting flat-bottom tanks designed and realised in cooperation with TÜV Süd, which helps to simplify and reduce the costs of tank inspections. TÜV Süd validates the inspection results recorded and evaluated by Actemium.

SIU4Tanks inspects the bottom of the filled tank, using video and state-of-the-art ultrasonic measuring devices. The unit can be used in all low-viscous and even inflammable media, such as petroleum products.

SIU4Tanks scans the bottom of the tank, measures the wall thickness with a large number of ultrasonic sensors and transmits camera images of the tank bottom in real time, thus helping the expert to ascertain and assess the condition of the tank without interrupting operation.

This innovative procedure completely does away with the previously necessary emptying, degassing and cleaning of the storage tanks with fixed/floating roofs. Associated costs and time-intensive downtimes during tank inspections are thus now a thing of the past.



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