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Tailor-made solutions
for the oil and gas industry

Actemium has acquired over 50 years of process engineering expertise in the oil & gas industry which we bring to bear from the project definition phase through to facility and systems maintenance.


    • Upstream solutions

    • Upstream solutions

      Actemium offers tailor-made solutions for German and international oil and gas production facilities. In this we span the entire life cycle of the projects.

      At the design stage of our automation solutions we assist end customers in defining structures and control strategies. 

      We have many years of experience in

      • Project Engineering
      • Supply
      • Installation
      • Commissioning
      • Servicing of international large-scale projects
    • Midstream solutions

    • Midstream solutions

      For pipeline solutions Actemium is one of the largest suppliers of control, automation and management applications. Actemium is automation partner to a number of global players in the distribution business. With our portfolio of application solutions, we are able to meet the following requirements and more:

      • Abnormal situation management in the control and process management level
      • Display, operating, monitoring and archiving
      • Control of hydraulic systems widely distributed over a large geographical area
      • Pipeline integrity management
      • Pipeline simulation and training
      • Decision-making assistant
      • Forecasting and prognosis
      • Optimisation
      • Hydraulic engineering


      A number of innovative applications designed specifically to meet requirements in the midstream domain have been integrated into our Viewstar™ product and visualised in the Pipeline Cockpit in a consistent intuitive user interface.



    • Downstream solutions / Petrochemicals

    • Downstream solutions / Petrochemicals

      As an integrator of automation solutions, Actemium is manufacturer-independent. We support all system manufacturers specified by our customers. For customer-specific requirements a separate product range is available to users.



    • Airports

    • Airports

      Building on our experience in the oil and gas industry, we have for several decades been active worldwide for airports in the field of refuelling systems and airfield lighting. Actemium supplies automated systems for fuel storage, as well as airplane refuelling systems).


      The control and monitoring systems for tank farms perform complex administration, monitoring, control and regulation tasks for large-scale tank farms and also smaller loading and distribution systems. The systems include quick and calibrated metering processes for settling charges and integrated tank inventory. Easy calibration for loading and shipping using different means of transport is also guaranteed. Emergency shut-down systems (SD) in compliance with SIL specifications significantly increase safety. Thanks to energy-efficient pump controls and tried-and-tested leak detection systems for underground pipes, Actemium’s systems fully satisfy both environmental and cost considerations.

Tank inspection

Comprehensive tank inspection of filled tanks


Automation systems

Actemium has extensive experience in the oil and gas industry in the integration of various automation systems in all automation levels of oil and gas applications.


  • Solutions

    Viewstar™ Integrated Solution SCADA & Technology Packages

    Viewstar™ is designed and structured in a modular manner, allowing it to be adapted easily to customers’ requirements. Besides basic SCADA functionality, Viewstar™ has a number of applications specific to the oil and gas industry (cf Viewstar ICS Technology Packages).

    By utilising a uniform database and eliminating interfaces, Viewstar™ offers a comprehensive solution from engineering, via operation, through to system optimisation



    • Viewstar™

      Automation and optimization of oil & gas exploration and transport

    • Viewstar ICS

      SCADA control & automation system

      • High Performance SCADA
      • Gateway
      • Add-Ons
    • Viewstar ICS

      Technology packages

      • PipelineCockpit™ for oil & gas
      • Terminal Automation System (TAS)
      • GasfieldCockpit
  • Business units

    To enable us to offer our customers support in the field where they are, we have established our own business units in Germany, China, Russia and the USA. For the realisation of large-scale projects we are also able to draw on the Group’s international network of business units.

    China, Russia, USA



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