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The requirements of our international customers are manifold and differ widely from project to project. For our international customers we localise projects tailored to their individual needs.

The high demands placed on safe, closely coordinated and efficient project execution for the construction of reliable plants and facilities are of equal importance to all stakeholders and something we rigorously implement.  Compliance with the relevant and customer-specific regulations with a particular focus on occupational health and safety is of great importance in the oil and gas sector in particular.

As a manufacturer-independent systems integrator, we have a commitment to our customers

Transport pipelines and storage

Major projects include the supply of the telemetric terminal units and instrumentation along the OPAL and NEL pipeline. The automation of the pipeline systems and gas fields (NEPS, REN, Gazprom, SINOPEC, WestEast) was carried out nationally and internationally with a high level of customer satisfaction.

The project encompassed provision and installation of the power supply for the Rehden and Bunde compressor stations and the Jemgum gas storage tank, as well as the entire power supply, process control technology and field instrumentation for the  Walsrode and Vogtei compressors. We can also boast a successful track record in the retrofitting of existing plants, as we once again demonstrated with the Folmhusen compressor station retrofit project.

  • Compression

  • Pipeline systems

  • Gas storage

  • Compressor station

As a long-standing partner to the oil and gas industry we can draw on experienced project teams at our locations with outstanding levels of expertise. Our teams are the guarantee for a high level of professionalism from conceptual development through to system commissioning.

Refuelling systems

With the installation and automation of over 200 systems in Europe and worldwide, Actemium has many years of experience as a systems integrator for all aircraft refuelling systems. Apart from electrical automation, this also includes integration of the entire control system with electrical and hydraulic control applications.

  • Hydrant filling

  • Fuel tank farm

Actemium also provides all manner of tank farm services:

  • Automation and control systems for semi-automated and fully automated systems
  • Pump and valve control with pressure and flow control systems
  • Leak detection of underground pipelines and hydrant loops, installed either as a stationary unit or mobile as 5-year inspection
  • Supply of turnkey components for refuelling systems
  • Automated tank content measuring systems and central SCADA
  • Emergency shut-down systems


In addition to the supply of new systems, Actemium offers after-sales maintenance for own or existing installations.



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