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Services & maintenance

Oil and natural gas will continue to be among the most important sources of energy in Germany and internationally in the coming decades.

Actemium has acquired over 50 years of in-depth process engineering expertise in the oil & gas industry which we bring to bear from the project definition phase through to facility and systems maintenance.

The following four summaries provide an overview of our competences:

    • Electrical engineering



    • Electrical Engineering

      • Transformer equipment
      • Power supply systems
      • Medium- and low-voltage installations
      • Emergency power systems
      • Cabling and assembly
    • EI&C equipment



    • EI&C equipment

      Actemium covers the entire life cycle of EI&C equipment. From basic engineering through to maintenance, we support our partners along the pipelines, for example with complete telemetric terminal containers for monitoring, control and connection to the control centres. Our customised equipping of the plants with EI&C systems guarantees security of supply for oil and gas. The use of intelligent systems for electrical power supply, monitoring and control guarantee reliable operation over the long term.

    • Automation technology




    • Automation technology

      Actemium provides a wide range of innovative upstream, midstream and downstream solutions for the oil and gas industry. With our Viewstar™ product, in addition to a high-performance SCADA we can offer technology packages such as Viewstar PipelineCockpit™. Based on model-assisted simulation, applications for safe operation, maintenance, service, training, through to process optimisation, are made available to the user. All this is aimed at maximising the reliability and availability of your systems.



    • Optimisation




    • Optimisation

      As a solution provider for the oil and gas industry, Actemium fills the gap between classic automation technology and hydraulic engineering with a comprehensive and integrated product formulation.

      Thanks to our Viewstar™ product, combined with the many years of experience of our experts, we are able to offer the possibility of optimising the technical processes throughout the entire life cycle of the plant, based on state-of-the-art model-based simulation and hydraulic engineering.

  • Business units

    To enable us to offer our customers support in the field where they are, we have established our own business units in Germany, China, Russia and the USA. For the realisation of large-scale projects we are also able to draw on the Group’s international network of business units.

    China, Russia, USA



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