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Viewstar™ Integrated Solution
SCADA & Technology Packages

Viewstar™ is designed and structured in a modular manner, allowing it to be adapted easily to customers’ requirements. Besides basic SCADA functionality, Viewstar™ has a number of applications specific to the oil and gas industry (cf. Viewstar ICS Technology Packages).

By utilising a uniform database and eliminating interfaces, Viewstar™ offers a comprehensive solution from engineering, via operation, through to system optimisation.

Product catalogue

  • Viewstar™

    Automation and optimisation of oil & gas exploration and transport

  • Viewstar ICS

    SCADA control & automation system

    • High Performance SCADA
    • Gateway
    • Add-Ons

    Viewstar ICS

    Technology packages

    • PipelineCockpit™
    • Terminal Automation System (TAS)
    • GasfieldCockpit

Viewstar ICS SCADA control & automation system

Viewstar ICS is specifically designed for applications with high project-specific adaptation requirements, large-scale and/or highly complex applications, as well as projects with special demands on system prerequisites and customised functionality.

Viewstar ICS demonstrates its high performance in particular with distributed servers and redundant server configurations. From field level to the control room, from machine to company headquarters – end-to-end high-performance communication is guaranteed. A high degree of availability, reliable information, quick interaction and user friendliness are assured in all situations. Application changes can be carried out without interrupting the process, ensuring that profitability, efficiency and safety are always balanced out.

Viewstar ICS has proven its reliability in a wide range of business-critical applications. With Viewstar ICS ideas can quickly and easily be translated into new applications. At the same time, Viewstar ICS is open for customised configurations and scale-ups.

Thanks to its specific system properties, Viewstar ICS meets the highest demands especially for solutions in the oil/gas, environmental and infrastructure sectors.

Viewstar ICS highlights:

  • Object orientation permits efficient engineering and flexible system scale-ups
  • For distributed systems of up to 2048 servers
  • Scalable up to a networked, redundant high-end system with over 10 million tags
  • Platform-independent and available for Windows, Linux and Solaris
  • Hot-standby redundancy and disaster recovery system guarantee maximum fail-safe reliability and availability
  • Platform for customised solutions
  • Extensive drivers and connectivity options: OPC, TCP/IP, Modbus, IEC 60870-5-101/104, etc.

Viewstar ICS technology packages

    • Viewstar ICS PipelineCockpit™

      Graphic User Interface

    • Viewstar ICS PipelineCockpit™

      The PipelineCockpit™ is the intuitive user interface for running simulation-based applications that enable hydraulic engineering for oil and gas pipelines.

      Flyer Viewstar PipelineCockpit™

    • Viewstar ICS Terminal Automation System (TAS)

      System for loading facilities

    • Viewstar ICS Terminal Automation System (TAS)

      System for loading facilities

      In large-scale tank farms and also smaller loading and distribution systems, complex administration, monitoring, control and regulation tasks have to be performed quickly and reliably. The systems include high-speed and calibrated metering processes that allow easy calibration for loading and shipping using different means of transport.

      Actemium’s integrated ICS TAS automation system for loading facilities meets these requirements with a full portfolio of system components, while giving consideration to environmental and cost aspects.

      • DrustaNET

        Is a PTB-approved and MID-compliant PC-based system used for secure storage of original document data requiring official calibration as well as project data not requiring official calibration.

        Optionally, an original document printer can be connected.

      • AdminNET

        Provides the administrative component for the loading system.

      • Flow Computer FLCNET

        FLCNet is a PTB- and MID-approved flow computer for verifiable volume measurement.


        It has a modular structure and is designed for max. 16 measuring stations.





      • ProconNET

        Provide as autonomous automation units the control and regulation functionalities required for loading.



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