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With our global, VINCI Energies Corporate Network, we always have the right specialist on hand to overcome every challenge, thus creating the optimal solution for our customers and accompanying you on the path to your mobile solution.

Smart Technology — The future of work

Usable throughout the entire lifecycle of your industrial plant, Smart Technology combines mobility with intelligent properties, making your processes efficient and ensuring that you are perfectly prepared to face the ‘Future of work’ today.




  • Engineering
  • Construction
  • Commissioning
  • Human/ machine interface
  • Work order management
  • Inspection
  • Calibration
  • Shut Down
Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality Everything at a glance

With Augmented Reality, you always keep one eye on your process, by means of the visualisation of your plant data within your direct field of view.

Work Order Management

Work Order Management Optimising the flow of information

Receive work orders directly on your mobile device, and report report completed work back into your ERP system.


Documentation Documentation Available if needed

Get access to the latest version of your plant documentation e.g. out of your DMS, directly onto your mobile device, regardless of where you happen to be.


Navigation Find the right place

Guide your staff in vast industrial facilities, exactly where it is needed, even without having local plant knowledge.

Data Capture

Data Capture Reduce interfaces

Digitalise your data recording during maintenance or commissioning works and avoid the cumbersome and time-consuming transfer of data from paper onto your electronic systems.

Red Lining

Red Lining Recording changes

Adjust your planning documents, such as PIDs or electrical drawings, on site, when changes take place, and thus avoid the loss of important information.

Device Identification

Device Identification Get Information

Receive properties, live values or documentation regarding a device within your plant on your mobile device by identification of the respective ID, e.g. QR or RFID code labels.

Event Recording

Event Recording Always on top of our game

Create failure events, in case of detected device errors, during plant inspection tours, on your mobile device, and automatically generate repair orders within your ERP system.

Remote Expert Support

Remote Expert Support Get Support if needed

Have a technical expert look over your shoulder when carrying out difficult work, whether on site or remotely.

Plant Start-Up


Make the necessary documentation for assembly, cabling or loop during commissioning available to your staff while on the go.

By digitally recording the processed directly on site, you can prevent data losses, generate automated status logs and maintain an overview at all times by analysing the recorded tasks.


  • Reduced transit times
  • On demand progress
  • Improved workflow
  • Lower labour costs
  • Reduced Field Engineers
  • Reduced human error
  • Improved performance
  • Reduced media interfaces

Plant Operation

Operate & Observe

Process & order data within their field of view provide your staff with important information, while simultaneously being able to carry out work unhindered.

Visually guided workflow accelerates your processes and also reduces potential operator errors.


  • Guided plant navigation
  • Improved workflow
  • Reduced Hardware costs
  • Lower labour costs
Health & Safety
  • Less Accidents
  • Reduced human error
  • Improved performance
  • Reduced media interfaces

Plant Maintenance


Accelerate your regular maintenance intervals by digitally transmitting your calibration orders from your ERP system, directly to your employees’ devices.

The work progress overview and automated log & invoice generation also accelerate your processes on an administrative level.


  • Reduced transit times
  • Live data access
  • On demand progress
  • Prevents billing lags
  • Lower labour costs
  • Reduced human error
  • Improved workflow
  • Reduced media interfaces

Mobile devices

Based on your individual use case, different mobile devices for plant data recording & visualisation are available.

  • Visualize your data

    Expand your view with visual real time plant data in consideration of costumer safety constraints by using the Smart Helmet.

  • Everything firmly under control

    The “hands-free” solution enabled by means of its use allows your staff to operate without limitation when carrying out repairs, maintenance work or trouble-shooting, while also providing the required data.

  • The technology

    Through the combination of an industrial grade safety helmet with augmented reality functionalities, this device sets new standards within an industrial environment.

  • FAQ

    1. In which fields of use can the helmet be used?
    Visualisation of device, process & order data
    Touch-free operation of machines and systems
    Video or image recording for specific events
    Remote, visual expert support
    Display of hazard zones
    Progress monitoring by means of superimposed planning data
    2. How long is the battery life?
    Up to a maximum of 8 hours, depending on the performed application
    3. What´s the device weight?
    The helmet weights 1 kg.
    4. Does the helmet have to be paired with a smartphone?
    5. Which interfaces are available?
    USB, WLAN, Bluetooth, LTE
    6. Which standards are complied with?
    IEC 60950-1, ANSI Z89.1, ANSI Z87.1, EN 397, EN 166, AS 1801-97, AS 1337.1 IS 2925
    7. Which operating system is used?
    The device runs Android 5.5.
    8. Which cameras are integrated?
    A 360° and an infrared camera
  • Mobility in all fields

    Thanks to special hardware, make your data portable – even in plants with special requirements.
    Useage in rough environments or areas with special safety requirements can be guaranteed by means of individually configurable devices.

  • Digitalised input and output

    Mobile devices provide your staff with all of the necessary information and support you in the recording of data, regardless of where abouts in the plant you happen to be.

  • Tailored to your field of use

    Select from several features, such as operating system, processor, display size, interfaces, protection & safety classes, useful accessories, and configure your mobile device in keeping with your field of use and your environment.

1st Month
2nd Month
3rd Month
Keep the progress of your
international sites
continually in view.

Data analysis

Whether you need detailed progress information or just a rough overview, you always have all of the key figures in view and can use this knowledge in order to implement counter-measures at an appropriate early stage in critical situations.


In cooperation with your IT departments, the VINCI Energies Network, with its various brands, creates a coherent infrastructure for your mobile solution, right down to your existing systems, applying all standard security and interface standards.


For some use cases, the permanent online connection of your mobile devices and the localisation of one’s current position are essential.

By using scan technology we ensure unlimited mobile connectivity into your whole plant, if required.



The use of mobile devices within a company’s IT Infrastructures conceals considerable risks and presents your IT department with increasingly major challenges.

Our IT security experts provide you with consultation in the development of a concept and the integration and management of your devices in order to guarantee a continually high level of security within your IT environment.


Data management

Continually expanding data quantities and the associated increased administrative costs are among the challenges currently faced by many companies.

With our Managed Service Portfolio, we provide you with numerous services, ranging from pro-active support services for hardware and software, to the monitoring and operation of your complete IT system.



As process experts, we provide you with consultancy during the introduction of new technologies to your operating processes, based on our standardised procedure “Project Development Framework” (PDF)

Quick Scan Deep Scan Rapid Prototyping Roll Out
Quick Scan
Introduction of industrial Best Practice solutions and the identification of use cases based on your specific areas of activity.
Deep Scan
Within your production, maintenance, engineering and IT experts together, we identify your specific use cases
Rapid Prototyping
Checking of the envisaged solution at an early stage using a first executable program version
Roll Out
Comprehensive implementation and commissioning of your final solution

With further solutions, we provide your staff with the right support during the introductory phase and on ongoing operation:
+ 24/7 Support + user training + system maintenance & backup service

The future of work is nowARe you ready?